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This book is a biographical sketch of the 15th President of India, authored by her close aquaintance, depicting the tumultuous journey of her life from its nadir to its zenith with a message for humanity to look within.

Knowing Droupadi Murmu through this book is not only to appreciate an enduring personality with formidable resilience but also to get an introduction to the cultural heritage of scenic, lesser known geography of incredible Bharat. The book touches upon the unsung inspiring heroes of Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj, who have silently contributed to nation building. The question, as to why Droupadi was poor even after being a descendant of most philanthropic Sardar family of Parbedha Peedha , her grandfather being the Halam Baba, the headman of the village, probes into the social fabric of the time and offers an afterthought for the democrats to work for the economic upliftment of land cultivators of the remote parts of the country.

True to her name, Droupadi Reflects an empowered woman in a progressive and inclusive democracy which facilitated her education, her job and political opportunities. Her elevation to become the President of the largets democracy of the world reinforces our belief in the law of karma, reemphasizes Bharat's commitment to practice the value of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, one world family, and invites everyone to follow the age-old principle of peaceful coexistence.

Droupadi embodies the wisdom of this shloka:

'Sukhasya Dukhasya Na Kopi Data, paro dadatiti kubuddhiresha. Aham karomiti vritabhimanah, swakarmasutre grathito hi lokah'

Feeling proud of one's own action is vanity. As a result of one's action, one gets pleasure or sorrow, no one else is responsible for it. Attributing these to others is a wrong perception.

Her life is an inspiration and a reminder that we can create our own destiny through individual action by emulating her humility, equanimity and resilience. 

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